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Meet The Chief

"Why not go out on a limb? That is where the fruit is."

– Mark Twain.



Chief CEO never had a tangible ambition to be a Music recording artist. Instead his vision was to offer what he coined as poetry-art, where he coupled his poems with art images. When thoughts of recording music came to mind, he would dismiss them due to his obligations as a single dad. Poetry was his first love. In his spare time, he would cleverly compose lyrical masterpieces that “moved” his family and friends. Consequently, he was asked to perform his poetry at many weddings, community functions, family reunions, parties etc. All the while, inadvertently preparing him for song writing.
However, writing lyrics for songs only came into fruition due to a challenge issued to him that he couldn’t write music as well as he could write poetry. Accepting this challenge, he began experimenting with song writing in his spare time, penning bars and ballads, finally finding his style and coming into his own with what he now calls Executive Hip Hop.

Jealous of Me …

“Why are you jealous of me? Is it because I represent the things you can be, only if you didn’t stay in the bed and stay asleep, while the sun rises and then finally reaches it’s peak. 

Jealous of my success, because I’ve put my wit to the test; because I had the courage to take a chance and  now you’re perturbed by my victory dance?

Jealous because I kept my face in a book searching for the appropriate career in every nanny and crook didn’t spend my time in a dance hall or at a juke; because I had a vision and I knew what it took. 

So, as you could see, if you did these things you could be like me. The pursuit of knowledge and wisdom is absolutely free. 

Therefore you have know business being jealous of me.” – Chief CEO